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I have learned from you, because you are my inspiration. Best thing is always presented just for you. Giving you the special creation of beauty everyday. Treat you lovingly  “until the time stood still”.  and you are here with me.

Cosmetic innovation, scientific expertise, and treatment performance are the criterias that define our aesthetic therapeutic concept.


The Amaranthine cosmetics range is one of our masterpieces that consists of the Biomimetic Peptide cosmetics Line, Men’s Health and Men’s Easy Step Line, Cosmotextile Line, Decorative Line, and Spa treatments Line.


Beauty and technology are the essence of skin treatment and Amaranthine understands it very well. We continuously develops the best formula of active ingredients which is produce by research such as the Biomimetic Peptide, a primal peptide molecule that mimics the growth factor. It is double encapsulated for a unique delivery system, is more effective, is molecularly stable, and it is high in purity. It is a revolutionary step in cosmetic technology for skin health and beauty.


A breakthrough technology in delivery system is represented in theCosmotextile Series. Utilizing a system of liposomal delivery, it guarantees a penetration of the

product down to deepest epidermis layer. Our make-up line brings a natural skin health balance for your skin complexion. Talcum free concept ensures a long lasting make up appearance, smoothness, and sweat resistance. Its anti UV A and B and its high moisturizer content will allow your skin to regain its energy.


Amaranthine always keeps to date with the latest trends. One of the latest and most sophisticated technology in powder processing is the Baked Powder. A mixture formula of few special volatile and a slow baked process with high temperature will create a high-end unique baked powder cosmetics with a soft and moist texture, an extra-smooth application, and a glamorous shimmer. We also proudly present our heritage creation that collaborates the elements of nature, science, ancient recipes, and modern technology to bring you our product lines for Med Spa Treatments. We are the expert of generating the eastern treatment with a Balinese ambience, then embrace our collection as you can enjoy a world of treatment with the Arabic Glam Night Spa, Latino Temptation spa, Hawaiian Joyful Juicy Spa, Sakura Blossom Spa, and Titlis Breeze Spa at your own home.


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