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Med Spa Concept

Med Spa Concept

Med Spa Concept, from Exotic Eastern to Wizardly Western

“Combining ancient eastern philosophy with western technology to heal your body from the inside out and the outside in, ensuring a complete equilibrium of the mind, body, and soul.”

Spa is best known as water based treatment to achieve therapeutic results by placing special ingredients in a body on water for people to soak in. In recent years, relaxing spa treatments are becoming more popular and an essential part of the modern hectic lifestyle. The newest spa concept is making it healthier than ever before for women or men to enjoy a spa full of treatment.

The Amaranthine Spa Treatment Products are specially made with a skin care Med Spa concept in mind, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious comfort and healthy treatment at once, reserved for beauty parlors in your own home or Med Spa Club.

Indulging Ambience from East to West

Spa is the “five-sense organ treatment” by pleasing each organ and body with a relaxing healthy massage while inhaling an exotic essential oil — formulated to help you relax and regain your vitality. With inspiration and creativity, you can also create a romantic, comfortable spa environment in your own home.

Spa is a product range to treat and heal your cuticles with refined bath oils and some massage to restore your inner energy and refresh your body.

Amaranthine Spa treatment understands well that every person has their own mood. Therefore Amaranthine offers various selections of tempting well-being essential oils to fulfill your need. You can enjoy a luxurious experience and miraculous treatments effects from a blend of hi-tech medical scientific with ancient spa recipe of east to west in Amaranthine Med Spa Treatments.

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